Best Punching Bag Reviews Guide for 2016

The right punching bag will make you a better fighter. Having the right bag enables you to practice your punches, footwork, combos, and timing. And learning how to move and strike is essential to victory in the ring.

While a great bag can make you a better boxer, a bad bag will eat through your wallet and jeopardize your health. As a result, it’s critical to know which brands and styles are right for you. And that’s what this guide sets out to do.

The information you’ll find here is capable of helping you select the best punching bag. One that meets your budget, training needs, and intensity. You’ll find out exactly what to look for and what to stay away from, guaranteeing that you get a great deal and a product that can enhance your boxing abilities.

Top 10 Best Heavy Punching Bags

Model Weight (pounds)Dimensions
Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag

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10015 x 74.5Fiber
Century Wavemaster

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(including base)
18 x 69High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Century Bob Bag

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(including base)
60 x 78 (adjustable height)High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

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10012 x 72Synthetic leather
Ringside Leather 65 lbs Heavy Bag

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6514 x 42IMF Tech Injected Molded Foam
Boxing MMA 100 lbs Heavy Bag

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10014 x 55Special Shredded Fabric
Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red

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13014 x 72Special Shredded Fabric
Everlast 70-Pound Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

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7014 x 43Special Blend
TITLE LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag

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13 x 36
15.5 x 36
15.5 x 46
13.5 x 72

What Types Of Punching Bags Are Available

There are many different types of punching bags. Some are good, others probably won’t have a lot to offer you. In order to figure out which bag will work best with you, you need to know what’s out there.

To help you out we’ve created a comprehensive list of every bag type that you may encounter. We’ve also made sure to explain which ones are good and which ones aren’t essential to your growth as a fighter.

Hanging Heavy Bags

These are some of the most common bags on the market. There are, literally, thousands of different options, making it near impossible to single out the absolute best choice (although we have narrowed it down to our top three in a later section of this guide).

Hanging Heavy Bags

Courtesy of Kit

These bags are very popular and they’re a great training option. Hanging bags create a very realistic combat experience and will last for years.

A hanging punching bag provides fighters with a realistic combat experience. When you hit these they swing and spin, giving you a very lifelike simulation of your opponent’s movement.

On top of this, hanging bags require a lot more footwork than their stationary counterparts. This makes you more mobile and agile as you are forced to move around the bag and position yourself correctly before unleashing the onslaught.

While hanging bags are great, be sure to make sure that you are allowed to install one before you buy. If you rent or live in a condo this may not be allowed.

Since building rules may prohibit this do your homework, or consider investing in a heavy bag stand. This way you can still enjoy the benefits of your purchase without having to modify your apartment or worrying about upsetting the landlord.

Finally, take durability into account when bag shopping. A leather bag will generally hold up the longest. These bags are also very accommodating when you hit them, reducing the chance of injury or discomfort.

Top 3 Hanging Punching Bags Reviews

If you want a good boxing heavy bag you’re going to need to do one of two things. The first is to spend dozens of hours shopping around.

Reading countless websites, visiting stores, and eventually giving up out of sheer frustration. The second option, which is much better, has you read our selection of punching bag reviews that starts in the next section.

All of these have been tested thoroughly by us and we know they’re perfect for you. If you want the best heavy bag you can find, bypass the B.S. And read through our top picks.

Below are three of the best punching bags on the market right now:

Ringside Leather 65 lbs Heavy Bag

Ringside Leather 65 lb. Heavy Bag - Soft FilledThis heavy duty bag is a beast. It can take whatever you throw at it and is armored with a thick leather hide that’s sure to last for years.

In addition to the protective benefits, this leather exterior is great for preventing injuries. Whenever you hit your hand will comfortably connect with the bag, minimizing the chances of you hurting anything.

If you want to burn fat, build muscle, and laser in on your killer fighting abilities; this is an outstanding product. With the Ringside Leather 65 lbs Heavy Bag you get a well designed product that also helps to keep you safe.

Being protected, especially during training, is essential to your longevity as a fighter. One serious injury, or even a painful sprain, and you’re unable to practice for quite some time.

With this bag however, your hand will be connecting with a comfortable and ergonomic surface. Allowing you to fight on another day.
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Boxing MMA 100 lbs Heavy Bag
Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Boxing is great. But sometimes it can be nice to switch things up and practice a different combat sport for a brief while. If you’re looking to spice things up, or just learn a new form of combat, then this Boxing MMA 100 lbs Heavy Bag is right for you.

The bag lets you train in both boxing and mixed martial arts. Additionally, it’s even great to use if you just want some extra cardio added to your workout. What makes this bag so nice is its durability.

The covering and fill aren’t going to get damaged from your punches. Nothing is going to sag or tear, two major problems with lesser bags, and you can train as much as you’d like without hurting your bag.

Lastly, this bag comes with a full 10 year warranty. If anything happens to it you can send it to the manufacturer and get your money back.

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TITLE LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag

TITLE LiquiShockTM Foam & Water Heavy BagIf you’re looking for a water filled heavy bag this is for you. The TITLE LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag can be filled with, surprise of all surprises, a large water bladder that’s surrounded by high-quality protective foam.

As a result, the bag provides you with a realistic simulation of punching an actual human being. This is great if you want to hone your self-defense skills or prepare for a big match.

When it comes to realistic sensations, nothing else is quite like what you’ll find here.

This water heavy bag is also vinyl-coated and surprisingly durable. There’s no need to worry about the bag breaking or leaking because it’s been engineered with reinforced webbing that creates a super strong protective layer.

You can work the bag as hard as you’d like and it will still hold up.

Fighters who are curious about using a water punching bag should check this one out. It has a lot to offer.

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Free Standing Heavy Bags

These are punching bags attached to a base so that they don’t have to be hung from the ceiling. Free standing bags are a good alternative to their hanging counterparts and even offer some of their own advantages.

For one thing, these bags are easy to move around and store. If you’re tight on space, a free standing bag may be an excellent option.

Free Standing Heavy Bags

Courtesy of martha mccollough

Additionally, MMA fighters can really benefit from owning a free standing bag. They can lay one of these bags on the floor and use it to practice their ground fighting. It’s a cool benefit and something that can’t be done with a regular hanging bag.

A good free standing punching bag will improve your fighting skills without straining your wallet or upsetting your nerves.

These bags come with everything you need to set them up and are easy to store. If you live in an area that is low on space, like an apartment, these bags are perfect.

As you shop around, pay attention to the punching bag stand. A good bag on a weak stand isn’t much use. Generally these stands need to be weighted down.

This means that you’ll have to fill them with something like water or sand. While this might sound like a hassle, it’s usually a one and done deal. After you have the stand filled you never have to worry about weighing it down again.

When you use a standing punching bag you have a lot of unique training opportunities. In addition to practicing your punches, you can use the bag to hone your kicking abilities.

This is great if you want to practice multiple fighting styles or if you live with someone who practices martial arts.

Finally, anyone who wants to find the best free standing heavy bag needs to check out the information below. We’ve rounded up three of the best out there, breaking each one down so you know all the dirty details. It will give you great information on what to buy.

Top 2 Standing Punching Bag Reviews

If you want a standing punching bag, be prepared to get bombarded with options. There are tons of different choices on the market. Some are great, others complete trash.

To save you a lot of time and trouble, we’ve compiled the three best standing bags. They’re all listed right below and each one will appeal to a different need.

If you want great gear and don’t have the time, or money, to wade through a bunch of junk as you sift around to find the best, consider this a “cheat sheet.” Each of these is reasonably priced and each one has a whole lot to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Century Wavemaster

Century WavemasterThe Century Wavemaster is a great bag for anyone who’s short on space but still wants to get the most out of their training. Because of its mobile nature, this unit is one of the best punching bag for home use.

It’s round base makes it easy to move around, perfect if you’re planning on storing it in a closet or spare room when not in use. On top of this, the unit is very versatile.

You can adjust the height to meet your needs and there are multiple settings to simulate different sized opponents.

While the bag is mobile, it isn’t weak. You’re not going to knock it over or damage it no matter how hard you hit. Even the toughest beating won’t phase this bad boy.

The weighted base and durable design will keep the unit upright as you punch, kick, and slam into it. I’ve actually never seen someone hit one of these hard enough to actually knock it over. As a result, you can train uninterrupted and without having to hold back.

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Century Bob Bag

Century Bob BagThe Century Bob bag is a realistic looking training tool designed to replicate the human torso. This is great for fighters who want to practice placing their shots.

Unlike other bags, which don’t really enable the fighter to focus their onslaught towards any one specific area, the Century Bob enable you to target your punches like you would in a real fight.

Do you want to practice jabbing at the face? Striking your opponent in the chest? Or maybe delivering a vicious uppercut to the chin? This bag has you cover.

And, best of all, you never have to worry about hurting your target. Unlike in sparring where a blow to the face might injure your training partner, the Bob bag can take all the abuse you’re willing to dish out. If you really want to unload your energy on a human like target, this is the perfect piece of equipment for you.

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Muay Thai Punching Bags

If you want to become a better kick-boxer you’re going to need a Muay Thai bag. These bags are mainly just for Muay Thai fighters and won’t appeal to everyone. However, these bags are excellent at what they do.

Muay Thai Punching Bags

Courtesy of redteam

You can punch them and kick them as much as you’d like, all without damaging the bag. If you want to become a great kick-boxer, this is an excellent option for you.

A Muay Thai heavy bag is essential if you want to master the art of kickboxing. They’re designed to withstand furious barrages of kicks and punches as you learn to command your attacks.

These bags can be found in all different sizes and weight classes. Additionally, like with other types of bags I this article, their quality can very greatly. Some are awesome, others aren’t worth their price.

Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle and wade through the duds in order to find what’s right for you. We’ve done all the dirty work for you and picked out the best bags around.

If you’re looking for a good Muay Thai punching bag, here are three great options.

Top 3 Muay Thai Punching Bags Review

After doing a lot of digging we’ve found the three best bags for anyone interested in enhancing their kickboxing skills. Each bag has something different to offer you and each one will help enable you to become a better fighter.

Like all pieces of equipment, there is no universal best “punching bag.” However, there are certain bags that appeal to specific needs.

If you’re looking for something durable, functional, and capable; one of these three bags should meet your needs. The following bags are better than virtually anything else on the market. We are sure you’ll really benefit from them.

Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy BagThis is a nice, functional bag for fighters looking to enhance their offense. It holds up well, is incredibly durable, and will meet all your training needs.

The bag is coated in a fine synthetic-leather that can really absorb a beating. Even if you were to train hard every single day, you still couldn’t damage it.

Another nice thing about this bag is the fact that it comes with a heavy duty chain.

This is nice for hanging and saves you quite a bit of extra cash (not to mention the time needed to run out and find a suitable piece of material to hang your bag with).

While this bag doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles on it, it gets the job done. If you want something that’s clean, effective, and capable of meeting your demands, the Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a perfect match.

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Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Ringside Muay Thai Heavy BagA lot of bags tout their durability and toughness. But few make it as central a feature as the Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag. This unit uses special Powerhide technologies to ensure that it’s impervious from harm.

Fighter’s who have purchased this bag all praise it for its longevity. Many of them get over a decade of use out of their investment, alongside untold progress in their combat training.

Aside from the long lasting design, this bag is very affordable. Given its lifespan, you can actually train in Muay Thai with it for mere pennies a day. That’s an incredible value.

If you want a great bad with a cool protective cover that withstands the test of time, you’ll want to take a look at this. It’s a long lasting bag that’s inexpensive and won’t give out on you.

A winning combination for fighters who are serious about improving their skills.

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Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red

Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag RedThis bag is built to last forever. In fact, the manufacturer is so sure of this that every one of these units comes with a 10 year warranty.

You can kick it, punch it, ram it with your head, or throw a chair at it and the bag remain undamaged.

This bag is over six feet tall and weights 130 pounds. Perfect for providing realistic resistance when you attack it. On top of all this, the bag contains a specially formulated fill that remains consistent throughout the whole unit.

Unlike many other Muay Thai bags, which contain uneven fill that sinks to the bottom of the bag and leaves the rest empty, this one always stays consistent.

If you want a great training tool that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime, this is an excellent option. It’s durable and won’t give out on you, even under some of the harshest of circumstances.

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Maize Bags

Maize Bags

Courtesy of ovey

These bags aren’t about training you for offense. They’re designed to help you practice your dodges and head movement. While maize bags are great, and can be incredibly beneficial, they aren’t a necessity.

If you have the extra cash these bags are an awesome investment, but otherwise just stick with a more traditional heavy bag.

You’ve probably seen someone using a maize bag in the movies or on television. This is a bag filled with maize and shaped like a teardrop.

The biggest benefit that these bags offer are their ability to test the fighter’s footwork. If you use one of these you can practice dodging, ducking, and staying out of the way.

Unfortunately, the value that a maize bag adds isn’t comparable to that of a heavy bag. They aren’t bad bags, but a heavier piece of equipment should take priority.

If you’re working with a tight budget, or a limited amount of space, pass over these and get a heavy bag instead.

Angle Bags

Angle Bags

Courtesy of Jeremy Jenkins

Designed to let you practice your uppercuts and curl punches, these bags are fairly expensive and rather specific in what they have to offer. You can do a lot of the same exercises with a standard heavy bag, but some people prefer these.

Like a maize bag, this is a nonessential. If you have the money, and space, pick up an angle bag, otherwise just stick to a hanging or free standing bag instead.

Angle bags are wider at the top, allowing fighters to better practice their uppercuts. This is nice if you really want to fine tune your uppercuts, but it isn’t an essential.

If you have the extra money to blow on one of these bags, go for it. However, most fighters will do fine with more transitional punching bags.

If you read through our heavy bag reviews you can pretty much pick anything we recommended and you’ll get more out of it than you would from an angle bag.

If you’re really keen on perfecting your uppercuts, practice them at the gym. Most people don’t need a special bag for one training exercise.

Wall-Mounted Punching Systems

Very expensive and fairly specific, these bags really became popular after people learned that Mike Tyson used them for his training. These bags mount to the wall and are basically a giant chunk of padding that you can swing away at.

Wall Mount Target BagIf your gym has one, use it there. If not, save your money and get a different type of bag instead. For the price, these aren’t the best value out there.

A wall-mounted punching bag is pretty straightforward. These bags, though they are usually rectangular shaped, mount to the wall and allow you to practice your jabs and punches.

There’s nothing wrong with these systems, per se, but they are a little too expensive for what you get. Some of them cost significantly more than a normal bag. And they don’t offer anything that a punching bag stand couldn’t.

Lastly, these systems are impractical for long stretches of training. You can work a heavy bag much easier than you can one of these. Save your money and skip over this purchase. You won’t be missing much.

How To Tell A Cheap Punching Bag From A Good One

It’s generally pretty easy to spot a cheap punching bag. They look like they didn’t cost a lot to make and the material is usually pretty shabby.

However, thanks to modern marketing and some trickery, there are plenty of low-value bags circulating around the market. And many of them look, on the surface at least, like they’d be good. But, in reality, they’re complete junk.

If you want to weed out the trash, there are a few things you should look at. Also check the brand and then look up its reputation. This may sound shallow, but the company that makes it does matter.

A brand with a great track record is likely to keep producing high-quality bags. Likewise, a brand with a shoddy track record will keep putting out junk.

Also, always try to buy a canvas or leather bag. These are generally the most durable. The bags that are made with plastic coverings are often very weak and won’t hold up for long.

Tips On Choosing The Best Punching BagTips On Choosing The Best Punching Bag

When picking a punching bag, there are a few major factors to consider. The main elements that you need to think about are: freestanding vs. hanging, bag weight, and fill. If you understand each of these you can easily figure out what type of bag will work for you.

Below is a complete breakdown of each of these topics, it should be more than enough to help you make the right choice.

Free Standing Vs HangingFree Standing Vs Hanging

Free Standing Vs Hanging

Courtesy of Michael Coghlan

Both bag types have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. With these the “best choice” really boils down to a matter of personal opinion. Some people like hanging bags, others prefer the free standing units.

Hanging bags tend to provide a more realistic combat experience since they move around more when you hit them. Additionally, they are often less expensive than free standing bags.

However, hanging bags also require you to mount them to the ceiling. This can be tricky to do and makes it darn near impossible to move the bag to another location once it’s been set up.

Freestanding bags are easy to move and don’t require any sort of special preparation before you use them. Free standing bags can also be laid directly on the ground.

This is nice for fighters who want to practice their MMA skills and do some “ground and pound” work. With that said, free standing bags are generally more expensive and don’t have the same sturdiness that a hanging bag will have.

Bag WeightBag Weight

The weight of your bag mattes. Too light and the thing will get thrown around after every single punch. Too heavy and you risk hurting yourself. As such, there’s a fine line as to what weight will work for you.

As a rule of thumb, there’s a special formula for determining how heavy your bag should be. Your bag should weigh about half as much as you do.

This means that a 160 lbs fighter should consider an 80 lbs bag, while a 120 lbs fighter should look into getting a 60 lbs bag. Obviously there’s a good chance that your weight isn’t perfectly divisible.

In these cases you should round the number. For example, if you weight 155 lbs, you could pick a bag that’s either 70 or 80 lbs.

By using this method you can easily find a bag that’s challenging to train with but not so tough that it causes injury.

Bag FillBag Fill

Punching bags are generally filled with either fiber, foam, sand or water. Each is safe to use and all of them are great to train with. However, each offers its own distinct advantage that may or may not appeal to you.

Bag Fill

Courtesy of Crispin Semmens

Fiber is what most bags are filled with. It’s a very consistent texture and one that’s easy to strike. When you hit a fiber filled bag, you experience a lot of consistent resistance.

The material doesn’t bunch up or shift to the bottom of the bag. Something that can be a bit of a problem with other materials.

Foam is another consistent fill. Because of its static nature, you never have to worry about foam bunching up in the bottom of your bag. Or shifting so that it creates giant air pockets. This will remain in place for as long as you have your bag.

Sand gives a bag lots of resistance. While its a great fill and many experienced fighters love it, sand does have a bit of a problem. It can sometimes clump up and sink to the bottom of your bag.

This creates empty pockets throughout your bag and you’ll need to redistribute the fill. Some aren’t bothered by this, but it can be a nuisance.

Water creates a very realistic simulation of hitting an actual opponent (people are made up of mostly water after all). While some people don’t like the feeling, many fighters claim that water filled bags help them train for actual combat.

Punching Bag For Kids

When you’re shopping for a punching bag for kids there are some unique factors that must be considered. One of the main things that you’ll want to consider is placement.

Punching Bag For KidsWhere do you want the bag? If your tight on space, or rent an apartment, you may want a freestanding bag that can easily be moved around and stored. If you have more room, and a permanent location for the bag, look for one that hangs.

Additionally, be aware of noise. You don’t want the child’s training to disrupt everyone else at home. In order to avoid a lot of noise, look for a place in your house where sound is unlikely to echo.

This way everyone else can go about their day in peace and your child can still practice their fighting skills.

A kids punching bag should also be proportional to the child’s size. Too heavy and they won’t get the full benefits of it. Too light and the bag will fly around with each punch, making their training too easy.

In addition, you want to find a size and weight that will last a while.

Otherwise your child may grow and the bag will become too light for them. Because of this, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to the bag’s dimensions. Find one that weighs enough to challenge your child, without being overly heavy.

How To Hang A Punching Bag

There are two different ways to hang a heavy punching bag. You can either suspend it from wall brackets or buy a boxing stand.

Hanging a punching bag with wall brackets requires some planning. The bag is going to weight quite a bit, putting a tremendous strain on your wall. Before you even start to mount the brackets, be sure that the wall can support this addition weight.

Otherwise there’s a good chance that the bag and brackets could break free, damaging your home and potentially injuring you.

When you’re hanging a heavy bag follow all of the instructions laid out to ensure that you set everything up safely. If need be, call up a friend or family member to help with the project.

Your personal safety, and the well-being of your home, is at stake. Because of this you want to make sure that the job is done correctly.

Lastly, don’t forget that bag stands are a great alternative to wall brackets. Each stand is equipped with a punching bag hanger. These stands are completely independent of your home ad don’t require any home modifications to be made.

You simply assemble the stand where you want it, hang the bag, and start training. It takes a little less time and is a good option for anyone who might not feel comfortable hanging something from their ceiling.

Where To Buy A Punching Bag

Most major retailers will have at least one brand of punching bag for sale. Places like Wal-Mart and Target usually have them. As do chain sporting goods stores.

Unfortunately, many of these locations only sell cheap punching bags. If you want something that’s high-quality and going to last, look elsewhere. Certain specialty shops that focus on martial arts will carry bags. is a good example of a specialized online store that sells popular sport equipment.

These are usually better than what you’d find in a generic retail store, but they’re also way more expensive.

If you want a great bag that doesn’t cost a lot, I recommend ordering online. Sites like Amazon have a whole slew of punching bags for sale, and often at the lowest rates possible.

Amazon frequently runs huge discounts on their bags and will even go as far as to offer free two-day shipping on certain purchases. When you shop online you gain access to all the best options, and they’re all available for far less than you’d pay at a standard brick-and-mortar store.

Lastly, Amazon ships everywhere in the United States. Even if you live in a smaller community, or one that doesn’t have a big boxing scene, you can still get what you want. Just because you can’t find a good bag in the store doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Order online and get exactly what you want.

Making The Right Decision

Making The Right DecisionIf you’ve made it this far you officially know more about punching bags than 99.9% of the population. All that’s left to do is decide which bag best suits your needs.

With each passing day your sparring partners, opponents, and equals are getting better and better at their craft. Honing their fighting skills to perfection. If you want to beat them you need that extra edge. The one that only a quality bag can offer.

You’ve done your research and understand the importance of a good bag. Now it’s time to consider your options and choose the right gear for the job. Don’t let the competition pass you by.

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